West Coast

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Located on our South Island our West Coast stretches for over 600 Km's from Wanaka traveling North to Westport, offering a stunning coastline to explore, which includes Punakaki Rocks, Rain Forests, Glacier, Lakes, Waterfalls and Rivers to Majestic Mountain Ranges and our Wild West Coast Beaches.
The County of Pounmau is where you can visit the West Coast Tree Walk, also the location you can see and buy Jade, a stone that is sacred to the Maori People and was used by early Maori for weapons 
Fox Glacier and Franz Josef are known as Glacier County and here you can enjoy Scenic Heli Flights and Glacier Tours onto the Glacier, also take the opportunity to visit Lake Matheson, when the day is clear and still you can see near perfect reflections of Aroki Mt Cook in the waters, given the perfect picture to capture your time at this magical place.
In the South you will travel through the Haast Pass and Gates, htis is a World Heritage Area on the edge of the Wilderness ands well worth visiting.

Sub Regions



Julian Von Haast was the Geologist who Haast was named after and with three areas, these being Haast, Haast Junction and Haast Beach, This World Hewritage Site brings visitors from all over the World to its Rain Forests, Waterfalls, Rivers and Streams to our Wild West Coast Beaches, Where from you can see our Crested Penguins from July to November and again between January and March.One of the most remote towns in the region is Port Jackson where you can see how people of this place said to be the most remote in the country live,

Fox Glacier


The area of Fox Glacier is the place to take Photograph, and area of unspoilt beauty will amaze you

Fox Glacier is one of two main places on the West Cost that you can enjoy Heli Flights for scenic views of the Glaciers or Snow Landings. There are also Guided Tour up on to the Ice Pack and Caves.

Locally you will find the Fox Glacier Indicator and Lake Matheson which offers opportunities for Photographs of Aroaki Mt Cook as the perfect backdrop for your pictures.



It is said that the early settlers who arrived in Hokitika came for the Gold Rush of the times,  and is the birthplace for the Maori people of Green Stone which they call Pounamu and this beautiful stone can be found in many local galleries,  The Sandbar here in Hokitika moves constantly with every tide.


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The largest town on the West Coast is Greymouth, with a rich history of Gold Mining. It is worth a visit to Shanty Town and the local Museum, it is also the West Coast departure point of the Tranz Alpine to Christchurch


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The Town of Westport is a Community that today relies on the Coal Industry, however formally this region was all about Gold Mining The coast is Wild and rugged but is never the less and beautiful and rare beauty. Visit the Westport Museum to see the history of the area.

To fully experience the Coastal area there a number of walks that allows you to enjoy the fresh coastal air. With Rivers and Forests you have much to explore and enjoy , the seals at Cape Fowl Wind is where you can get up close to our native Wildlife.

Franz Josef

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The Small Town of Franz Josef lays between Fox Glacier to the South and Hokitika to the North. One of the gateways to access the Glaciers with a number of tour companies where you can see the magic of a Rainforest the only one on the edge of a Glacier. There are scenic Helicopter flights where you can land on the Glacier for a snowball fight or admire the mountains around you. Franz Josef also has its own Glacier Hot Pools on the edge of the Rainforest and the perfect place to relax after a day on the Glacier. 

If you book a Glacier Heli Flight or Glacier Tour we arrange a free pass to the Glacier Hot Pools.



Punankai lays South of Westport and North of Greymouth and located close to the Paparoa National Park, you will be able to marvel at high tide to the spectacle of the Puakaki Blow Holes.

There are plenty of scenic walks and tramping in the area of the Paparoa National Park as well as Caves to visit.