New Zealand Encounters Ltd, originally formed in 1996 by Peter and Gina Ratcliffe, offering its clients a professional service with individually designed tours, based on their own preferences, rather than through a travel agent dealing with a large tour operating company and fixed itineraries.

In 2006 David Hall purchased the company and was re-named New Zealand Encounters & Travel Limited. David who hailed from the United Kingdom owned and operated Scheduled Air Travel and Tours and specialised in selling New Zealand vacations to the British and European Markets for 24 Years. After having the opportunity to purchase New Zealand Encounters he set about becoming an Inbound Tour Operator, we became in 2008 Qualmark and over the years we rose to the Gold Sustainable Tourism Business Award - this Gold Award recognises the best sustainable tourism businesses in New Zealand, with the delivery of exceptional customer, experiences an integral part of everything they do. A Gold Sustainable Tourism Award identifies those business leading the way in making the New Zealand tourism industry a World-Class sustainable visitor destination. Qualmark is today owned by Tourism New Zealand and we could not be more proud of our company. The goal is simply to grow in quality, not in size.

With New Zealand being a land that offers so much to our visiting guests, we share Our Heritage, Our Land and where the people and smiles wait to greet you. Explore our stunning Beaches, Coastal Walks and Native Bush, look up to our towering Giant Kauri Trees, the Falling Waterfalls that drop into Lagoons. To the Thermal Wonder and Maori Culture, to our Lakes for Fishing, Boating and Our Rivers, giving way to endless plains where Majestic Mountains rise from the Earth. To our Rain Forests and Glaciers to peaceful Sounds and Fiords, our Wildlife and of course the Land of Lord of the Rings awaits your discovery. Our ability to showcase the best of our beautiful country in the itineraries that we design and is what we believe makes us different. Of course, our Itineraries can be amended to suit and make your perfect vacation, this, after all, is the start of your New Zealand Vacation, so let us turn the first page and invite you to let us create your story in the Land of the Long White Cloud. 

Christchurch City - Christchurch Christchurch City - Christchurch
Christchurch City - Christchurch
Huka Falls Trail - Taupo
Lake Gunn - Fiordland
Otorohanga Kiwi House and Native Bird Park
Paroa Bay - Bay of Islands

It is clear that New Zealand has so much more to offer than other destinations around the World, with its unique and unspoiled beauty, whilst being a friendly and safe place to visit. Usually, a visit to New Zealand is a lifetime vacation and we felt it important to provide a service based on good old-fashioned values, which give attention to detail in the arrangements of the vacation itineraries we design for you our client. Based on this we create individually designed trips around our client’s specific interests, needs, and requirements, these result in the detailed information for their time traveling in our country.

It’s very clear today those travellers to New Zealand still want expertise in the design of their itineraries, and with repeat clients and referrals continuing to grow each year, gives us the knowledge and huge pride in being one of the country's leading inbound tour operators. To be recognised for our achievements in New Zealand's field of tourism is both an honour and a privilege that allows us the platform to share with you our Guest, the beautiful country that is Aotearoa, the Land of the Long White Cloud.


Our Services


Custom Created Vacations 

These custom itineraries are designed specifically for you. Each holiday is created and styled by one of our vacation designers to include your specific interests and preferred types of accommodations that suit your travelling style.

Unique Packages 

We offer a range of unique holiday packages that include fly and self-drive options, fully guided packages, wildlife trips, fishing, golf packages and more.

Further Information

New Zealand Encounters Limited was incorporated by the Companies Office of New Zealand on the 20th of September 1996. The company name was changed to New Zealand Encounters & Travel Limited to reflect a change in ownership on the 24th of April 2006.



Our Team

David Hall

Managing Director

I was born in Northampton, United Kingdom, and whilst at school, offered the challenge through a school works programme to design and form a company, part of which was to be able to make a profit within the first three months. The result was a Travel Company, which specialise in Corporate Travel and thus: Scheduled Air Travel Services & Tours was born.

After just a few weeks the company secured a number of corporate customers, starting proudly with: Aston Martin Lagonda Company. In the months that followed the company grew taking on new accounts in the Motor Industry, Ford, Morgan and going on to help Automobili Lamborghini and MG Rover, where we were required to assist with Vehicle Launches and insuring the World’s media could arrive at dedicated launch locations in the UK and or Europe within a small arrival window, this was not an easy target but one we succeeded in with year on year growth and healthy profits the company continued to trade for 32 Years until I made the bold decision to purchase New Zealand Encounters in 2006.

New Zealand is a Country that I have visited many times and naturally fell in love with the People, the land and its unspoilt beauty. To continue in tourism whilst living in one of the most beautiful countries in the World is a great privilege and honour. Whitianga is the home of New Zealand Encounters & Travel Limited and the place I’m proud to call home for the past 15 Years. I'm proud to announce that my Son James Mathew Hall has joined the company and will be our company port of call for the United Kingdom and Ireland.

We look forward to being of assistance in the design of your New Zealand Vacation.


Dmitri Kotelevski

Office Administrator/ Manager of Russian Department

I was born and grew up in Russia where I received my first bachelor degree in Linguistics in Vladivostok. After graduation, I worked for the consumer electronics department of Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd in the marketing department.

Big hopes were laid on me by my management and I was sent to participate in a globalisation management course in South Korea for a year, which I enjoyed very much. At that point I realised that I like travelling and decided that I would like to travel more.

After a short period of time upon return from Korea I laid my eyes on New Zealand and moved here at the end of 2000. In New Zealand, I received my second bachelor's degree with a marketing major. Since graduation, I've been teaching business in Auckland.


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