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The Taranaki  Region is located half way between Auckland and Wellington on the West Coast of our North Island’s West Coast. It stretches from Whangamomona in the East, to Waitorara in the South and Mokau in the North. There is over 200 km's of coastline in Taranaki coastline where you can enjoy Walking, Fishing, Surfing, Swimming, Diving as well as Kayaking.
The City of New Plymouth has a mix of diverse cultures and is both contemporary its style, named by the English Immigrants in the 1840's as this once was a whaling station. The Maori first populated .this area in the 14th Century
Generations of Surfers have come to this area and along Highway 45 you can go in search of the perfect waves, be this at Kumara Patch, Fitzroy Beach, Anathata Road or Stent Road you will be joined by Surfers from around the World.
The Town of Stratford being the gateway to Mt Taranaki and The Last Samurai film set as well a town of remembrance to William Shakespeare where the streets are named after the 27 Bard’s plays. There is a glockenspiel clock sees which you will see Romeo & Juliet united each day at 10.00am, 1.00pm, 3.00pm and 7.00pm.

Sub Regions


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The  Town of Waitara is the largest in North Taranaki and an early settlement area of the Maori People. Manikorihi is a Maori Heritage site of importance located above the town, where you can view Te Ikaroa a Maui, a carved meeting house.
The 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month sees the Waitara Railway Preservation Society run return train journeys to Lepperton. There is a 1 in 40 Gradient at one point in the track, this being the steepest in New Zealand.
Running through the town is the Waitara River and a place where you can enjoy boating, fishing as well as local White Water Rating.



re do The country town of Inglewood is well positioned as a provisioning base for expeditions into the Egmont National Park. As well as a range of essential shops, the town has some unique places of interest – a toy museum and a hands-on wildlife park where you can pat possums, llama, rabbits, pigs and other furry and hairy beasts.

For a pleasant picnic, find Everett Park Scenic Reserve just northeast of Inglewood – it has swimming holes and a glow worm cave in a native forest setting.

New Plymouth

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re do provides a dramatic backdrop to the city, a constant reminder that the hiking trails of Egmont National Park are just a short drive away.

Down at the New Plymouth waterfront you’ll find Puke Ariki, a wonderful museum and heritage centre, and the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre - New Zealand's first and only museum of contemporary art. It is also the nation's first institution dedicated to a single artist, the pioneering filmmaker and kinetic sculptor, Len Lye. 
At any time of the year, Pukekura Park is a place to relax and enjoy nature;  it has a children’s zoo and bush walks. You may also like to stroll along the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway, a 13km promenade with stunning views. Expect good shopping and an impressive selection of restaurants.



re do Nearly all the streets in the settlement of Stratford are named after Shakespearean characters. It’s pretty easy to guess why – Stratford-in-Taranaki was named to honour Shakespeare’s birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon. If you’re planning to venture into the Egmont National Park, this town is a handy accommodation base or supply stop. It’s also the last re fuellng point before the Forgotten World Highway – a wild 150 kilometer journey (with no service stations) that ends at Taumarunui. Admire the glockenspiel in the town centre - it’s one of a kind in New Zealand. The local pioneer village delivers an interesting history lesson.


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re do A significant town on Surf Highway 45, Opunake has a magnificent crescent-shaped beach and a friendly community. Overnight options include motel and backpacker accommodation. There’s also a beach-front camping ground, although it’s usually filled to capacity over summer. The Opunake Walkway is a great way to stretch your legs. Over 7 kilometres you’ll see Lake Opunake, the historic Armed Constabulary Cemetery, Waiaua River Mouth and historic Te Namu Pa. Opunake has a shopping centre and a choice of cafés. It’s regarded as a great place to eat fish and chips.


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The Small Town of Eltham  who's main industry is Farming and Dairy as well as being the first to import Butter to England in 1884. The town has some beautiful Edwardian and Victorian building and if you like Cheese then Eltham is famous for it.


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The Town of Hawera is the 2nd largest town in Taranaki and with cheese a big part of the area with the largest Dairy Factory in the Southern Hemisphere.

Why not visit Tawhiti Musuem , it is well worth it

Take a visit to Waihi Beach Hawera for the rugged west coast experience



The Town of Patea is the 3rd Largest Town and located in South Taranaki and here you can visit the Patea Maori Club. With a great Maori Heritage Patea can be enjoyed with Historic Buildings to see and enjoy as well as the Aotea Memorial Waka,

The Anglican Church of St George's houses the South Taranaki District Museum and worth a visit to learn of the History of the area.


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The Small Town of Waveley can be found in the South region of Taranaki and offers many adventures and experiences  for the visitor, there is a good shopping center with service and retail shops to explore. 

Waverley beach is worth a visit for the rocks and caves , for swimming we recommend Waipipi Beach , also good for offshore Reef Diving and Fishing,