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Our Southland is a contrast of rolling plains to  rugged coasts and where the New Zealand Famous Bluff oyster comes from, it is also where you can take the ferry to Stewart Island. 
The Largest of Southland’s towns is Invercargill, which if you love gardens then you will find this a delightful place to visit, Queen’s Park with over 80 hectares of walkways, which are lined with trees. Thirty minutes from Invercargill you will reach Bluff a famous fishing port where seafood is freshly caught daily.
If your an avid bird-watcher, then the ferry to Stewart Island is where you will most likely find a place which is a haven for native bird life, it is also where you will most likely be able to see our Kiwi Bird in their native habitat.
The fabulous Southland's Coast from Bluff to the Catlins takes you on a scenic journey at New Zealand end, there are hidden waterfalls and beach forests as well as native rare birds. Curio Bay offers you the chance to stay in accommodation right on the beach front, at one with nature you can enjoy the marine life and what its like to live in a Kiwi Outpost. There are fossilised trees which are embedded on the rock and over 180 million years old,  Visit the Lighthouse at Nugget Point where you can observe sea lions, fur seals, shags and sooty shear waters. also often seen are spoonbills and gannets as well as our rare yellow-eyed penguins. Sometimes our Hector Dolphins can be seen playing in the ocean near the lighthouse.