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Rotorua is our Maori and Thermal Region of our North Island in New Zealand and where the spirit of Te Maori resides to Welcome its Visitors to the region. Maori Cultural Shows are a great way to learn of the stories and Maori Heritage, done through song and dance and in particular the Hangi Dinner cooked in the heat of the ground and how the Maori have cooked there food for hundreds of years.
Do not be alarmed at the smell of Sulphur in the air, this is caused by bubbling mud pools and geysers in the hot geothermal areas all around Rotorua. Thermal activity is there for you to see in various places from Thermal Hot Waterfall and Whirl pools,
You can visit the Waimangu Valley, which is situated South of Rotorua and a 20 Minute Drive away, here you will learn of  the 1886 Mount Tarawera eruption. This Mountain is very scared to the Maori People and a village at the foot of  Tarawera was completely destroyed with great loss of life. During your tour of Waimangu Valley you can take a boat trip on Lake Roromahana being the lake behind Lake Tarawera and in sight of Mount Tarawera.
The area of Waiotapu again 20 Minutes South of Rotorua is where you can see an aray of volcanic  colours such as the beautiful Champagne Pool as Wai-O-Tapu O HERE DONE  includes some of the most colourful volcanic features such as Wai-O-Tapu where you will see the beautiful Champagne Pool, all set in a area of native bush.
Orakei Korako is located in the Hidden Valley and where you can see the finest example of Silca Terraces in New Zealand, accessed by a boat across the river you land to what feels like a lost world. This is the film location to Walking with Dinosaurs. Once you have arrived you will soon see why The Lonely Planet  have stated this is possibly the best thermal area that is left in New Zealand  and among the finest on the planet. Once you have returned by boat there is a cafe where you can sit with views down the valley, there are also Hot Thermal Pools located close by.. 

Sub Regions


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Mokoia Island is located in the center of Lake Rotorua, it is privately owned by the Maori iwi and is a Bird Sanctuary with many endanged birds making this their home. Steeped in history you can visit in a tour to learn of the local Mooa tribe in this most sacred of places to the Maori people. Whilst on the island you can visit Hinemoa's Pool where you can enjoy a hot soak. Learn of the Legends of Hinemoa and Tuanekai and their story of love.



The small Town of Ngongotaha is a small Maori Township on the west shores of Lake Rotorua. There are many small Bed and Breakfasts set in country side locations close by.



Hamurana Springs Track is well worth a visit walking through the Giant Redwoods alongside the Spring with its clear water that lead you to a platform where you can see down into the Thermal Area that you can see so clear with nooks and crannies where visitors through coins which twist and turn in the heat of the thermal current as they fall.

Lake Rotoiti


Lake Rotoiti is located North Western of Lake Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty, here you can take a scenic cruise aboard a Catamaran or choose to take one of the trampin tracks, this is an advance tramming area with 7 to 10 hours duration. The lake is also good for Fishing and Kayaking.


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Today Moura is the home of the Ngati Pikiao People a Prominent tribe of the Iwi of Te Arawa. Mourea is a small community set along the Ohau Channel where you can find a number of Maori Marae (Meeting Houses)

Lake Tarawera


Lake Tarawera is a sacred Lake to the Maori People, with Mount Tarawera their Mountain. Prior to Volcanic Eruption of 1886 Maori Guides used to take Visitors from across the World to the healing powers of the Pink and White Terraces. In their day they were the 8th Wonder of the World and often visitor with ailments had to make the long journey by ship to Port Tauranga then horse drawn coach taking two days to Lake Tarawera. Here they would be taken bu boat with Maori Oarsmen who would make the journey from Pouaromia to Te Ariki an ancient Maori Village here due to their ailments would overnight to continue across to the Lake Rotomahana and where the Pink and White Terraces stood. Sadly the village of Te Ariki and her people along with the Pink and White Terraces were destroyed in the Vocanic Eruption. Today we are proud to offer a tour with Karen our Locals and Landscapes Guide whos Great Great Grandmother Kuia Guide Sophia taking people to the Pink & White Terraces. Today Karen takes visitors on a journey retracing the steps of Kuia Guide Sophia. This is significant tour of Maori Culture, Family and Loved ones. Ask us about this tour and let us share with you


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Murupara is a Timber Town and located on the edge of the Kaingroa Forest, which is close to the Te Urewera National Park and the Whitinaki Forest Park, offering outstanding wilderness experiences in Hiking, Fishing and Hunting.