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The beauty of The Fiordland National Park is where Forest and Rivers give way to the Majesty of the Mountains and these in turn descend to the Fiords of Dusky, Doubtful and Milford Sound. this area is among the most dramatic regions in New Zealand with endless waterfalls and mountain vistas for you to view and explore.
There are Day and Overnight Cruises where you can enjoy the beauty and stillness of the Fiords and their pristine clear waters offer a further insight to the natural beauty of this area, Dolphins, Penguins and Seals call the Fiords Home.
The World Heritage Site bestowed on by Rudyard Kipling as the Eighth Wonder of the World, saying this is the Eighth Wonder of modern World, To see this region from the air is an unforgettable experience and there are scenic helicopter flights available.
If you would like to see the less accessible fiords, the eco-tours can be arranged.
The Southland region  is a land of rugged coast & rolling plains, world-renowned Bluff oysters & the launching place for a visit to Stewart Island. 
Southland’s largest centre is Invercargill which is a garden lover's delight with Queen’s Park & its 80 hectares of tree-lined walkways. Thirty minutes from Invercargill is the fishing port of Bluff, famous for its fabulous seafood. If you like bird-watching, catch a ferry to Stewart Island where you’ll find a haven for native bird life & the only place in New Zealand where you have a fair chance of seeing kiwi in their native habitat.
Southland Coast to the Catlins leads you through beech forest & is known for its hidden waterfalls & rare native birds. At Curio Bay you’ll find fossilised trees, over 180 million years old, embedded in coastal bedrock. At Nugget Point, you’ll find fur seals, sea lions, sooty shearwaters, shags, yellow-eyed penguins, spoonbills & a breeding colony of gannets. And if you look closely, you may see Hector’s dolphins frolicking out in the waves.

Sub Regions

Te Anua

Te Anau is the Gateway to the Fiordland National Park, the main Accommodation Area from which to explore Milford Track, Milford Sound and Doubtful Sounds. From Te Anau is the Te Anau to Milford Road, reputed to be the most Scenic Drive in New Zealand


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Manapouri is the main departure point for Doubtful Sound where guests travel by boat across lake Manapouri to Deep Cove. Here they board coaches that take them across the divide to Doubtful Sound for Wilderness and Overnight Cruises

Dusky Sound

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Dusky Sound is the largest of the Fiordland Sounds with Captain Cook arriving here in 1773, why not follow in his wake with a 5 Day Cruise to explore Dusky Sound and more.  There are tramping tracks for the more experienced hikers and are situated between Lake Manapouri and Lake Harokom which allow Hikers to enjoy large lakes and rivers dense forestry valleys and Mountain vistas.


Doubtful Sound


Doubtful Sound is a Long Sound with three arms and is the deepest of all the Sounds of Fiordland. Often regarded as the Sound of Silence, the Sounds peace and serenity awaits the tranquility it brings visitors either for day or overnight Cruises. There are spectacular Waterfalls and abundant marine life, which often include Dolphins seen playing at the bow of the ship to delight of guests aboard. speak to us about a Wilderness Day Cruise or an overnight cruise experience, which is the best way to explore the inner reaches of this Sound of Serenity as well as a Kayak or Small boat excursion and sail on the Tasman Sea.

Milford Sound


Milford Sound larger then Doubtful is the main Sound visited by tourists, with multiple Day cruises from 1 Hour to 3 Hour Cruises that include a Picnic Lunch and visits to the Discovery Center. Or take an Overnight Cruise that offers the chance to see the entire sound and sail on the Tasman see. There is a option for Kayaks on the water or a small boat excursion.

The drive between Te Anau and Milford Sound is reputed to be the most scenic drive in New Zealand. The best way to enjoy this is to leave to Milford Sound stopping only at the Reflection Pools best in the morning light, enjoy a cruise and picnic lunch on Milford Sound. Then on the return enjoy the many short walks to alpine meadows, waterfalls and scenic lookouts. In our Final Itineraries we showcase this so you can plan the walks you would like to do.

Fiordland is located on the south-west coast of the South Island of New Zealand.
As one of the most dramatic and beautiful parts of New Zealand, Fiordland has achieved World Heritage status and is often called the Sightseeing and Walking Capital of the world.
The best base for exploring the Fiordland region is the attractive resort town of Te Anau. You can explore Fiordland National Park by foot, sea kayak or boat, or take to the air and do it the flight seeing way. The Park covers 1.2 million hectares and showcases dramatic wilderness on a grand scale. Waterfalls tumble hundreds of metres into pristine, forested valleys, sheer-sided fiords slide gracefully into the sea, rare native birds and sea creatures go about their lives in a near-perfect world.
Famous walking trails in the region include the Milford, Kepler, Hollyford and Routeburn Tracks. In most cases you can head off on your own, and guides are available for some tracks.