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The Victorian City of Dunedin was founded on the Mining of Gold, this bought great wealth to the City in the Victorian Era and which resulted in some of the most beautiful and stunning buildings of the day and still stand today in all their glory.
Today the Otago University makes its home in Dunedin and is a great learning centre for the young of New Zealand and from around the World.
There is a great Scottish heritage in Dunedin and the meaning of the Word Dunedin is New Edinburgh, there are fine examples of Victorian Buildings and churches and of course the Dunedin Railway Station, in our opinion the most beautiful building in Dunedin,
The local Museums are well worth a visit, the Settlers Museum showcases the migration of settlers to New Zealand, the conditions of working in the Gold Mining along with a fine display of Ship memorabi;ia. You will find Speights Brewery where you can learn of the brewing methods of this fine New Zealand Ale House. Cadbury World has its home in Dunedin and for everything Chocolate its the perfect place to take the family/
Enjoy a visit to New Zealand's Baldwin Street, the steepest street in New Zealand and the World.
Dunedin's jewel in their crown is the outstanding Otago Peninsula, where you can visit Lanach Castle New Zealand only Castle and their magnificent Gardens offering the best view on the Peninsula. Also you can visit The Royal Albatross Center and where you can witness these beautiful birds in flight as they rise in the uplift from the beach up the cliff then out to sea. Also on the Peninsula you can visit a Conservation Beach where the rare Yellow-Eyed penguin make their home, here also are Sea Lions and seals. 

Sub Regions


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The beautiful ex Banking Town of Oamaru is situated in Northern Otagoand where you will find the finest examples of stately and pristine white sandstone Buildings, that due to the Mild Weather have left these buildings in such near perfect condition. Once the Banking Town for Dunedin you will enjoy exploring the main street and back wharf roads that give a great insight into just how special these buildings are. There is a Moeraki a fishing village local to Oamaru and where you will find the ancient Moeraki boulders.

Otago Peninsula

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The Otago Peninsula is located just a 17 minute dirive from Dunedin and where you will can explore the beauty of this area where you can see Royal Albatross at Taiaroa Heads soar from the ocean catching the uplift winds to take them up the cliff and out to Sea.

At Taiaroa Heads is a place the young Albatross are born, after about 9 Months they take their first flight and from here it will be approximately 10 years out in the far reaches of South America before almost like clockwork they return to give birth to their new young.

The Otago Peninsula is also where you can take a conservation tours to see Yellow Eyed Penguins, Hooker Seals and Sea Lions and the smallest of our Penguins the bineg Little Blue Penguins.

New Zealand's Larnach Castle is situated high on a Hill overlooking the Otago Inlet, with stunning gardens to explore it is the perfect place to visit for the flora and forna and our countries only castle.