Chatham Islands

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The Chatham Islands are located approximately 750 Km's off the East Coast of the New Zealand South Island and forms in the Pacific Ocean an archipelago of about ten islands within a 40 mile radius, the largest being Pitt and Chatham Islands.
in the Pacific Ocean about 680 Km's southeast of mainland New Zealand. It consists of about ten islands within a 40 Km's radius, the largest of which are Chatham Island and Pitt Island and there is  approximately 600 residents.
The Chatham Islands main source of income is from Farming, Fishing and conservation as well as Tourism, being in the main self-reliant the there is a great community spirit that ensures the Islands Cultural Heritage is kept alive along with conservation.
The Maori call the Chatham Islands RekohaWharekauri and this comes from Wharekauri being a Kauri House from a Coastal Village of Moriori Coastal Village in the north of Rangithi Moriori adopted the Wharekauri to the Chatham Islands as a whole and this is how it is today and how the joint name came about.

Sub Regions


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Wharekauri is Maori for kauri house and its name comes from a Costal Village of Moriori, located in the north of Rangitihi and here Maori built a Kauri Wood Timber House with salvaged wood gathered from the beach.


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The town of Kaingaroa is located in a sheltered harbour and dates back to 1791 with a rich history. Being the second largest of the settlement in the Chatham Islands, its a place of many past ship wrecks. There are two historical plagues, which commemorate Kaingaroa and its significance as a main settlement and thus development of these islands. The local Social Club is well known for its local seafood.

Waitangi West

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The remote and wild Northwest Coast has very strong rip tides with added dangers of being rocky, making it treacherous for the many ships bringing the early settlers to the region. Sadly this resulted in the loss of many many lives.

Chatham Schist make up most of the Shoreline with Volcanic activity being still visible today.

There is a restored stone cottage dating back to around the year 1870 and called the Maunganui Stone cottage and one that we recommend you visit.

Port Hull

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The small settlement of Port Hutt with just a few houses with an approximate number of around twelve locals living in Whangaroa Harbour, which is a sheltered cove offering some protection from the ocean,

Port Hull is in the main a small fishing village with a history which dates back to around the ear[y 1800's. With sand beached and a rocky coastline, the area has much to see and doe and well worth the visit.


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The main Chatham Township of Waitangi is the location of the business district and public services. The information Centre is on hand to assist visitors and there are some interesting local shops as well as a local Museum where you can learn of the history of the Chatham Islands.


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The village of Owenga is located in a small port and shallow bay,

Original there was a large Moriori Settlement here in Owenga, however sadly the population was rife with disease in the early 1800's having been bought ashore by sealers and whalers, which caused decimation of population of this village

Today local families make a living from fishing and tours to see coastal birds and the rugged coastline, which is also a diving area. There are boat launched to Pitt Island also available.