Our People

The people of New Zealand come from a broad spectrum and with a wide range of disciplines and principles, each brings a range of extensive knowledge to help New Zealand to thrive both in business and in family life,

Whanaungatanga, in Maori translates to Relationships and how they are maintained, how this strengthens family values, which in turn bond relationships and ties between family and the local community. This is what makes New Zealand so unique, locals always greet visitors with a smile and a welcome and local communities work together to make each region be the best they can, this is the New Zealand way of life and why so many wish to visit and make New Zealand their home.

The hongi is a traditional New Zealand welcome, which stems from the legend of the Mãori people and depicts how a woman was created. It is said that the shape of a woman was moulded by Gods from the earth, but that there was no life until Tane the God breathe into the woman nostrils that embraced and made her sneeze, bringing her to life. The woman was named Hineahuone, translated it means woman made from the earth.

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Whakatane Bay of Plenty
Te Puia Rotorua
Whakatane Bay of Plenty
Te Puia Rotorua

This tradition is today, the Hongi, dating back to Maori origins and is the culture of New Zealand. When visiting New Zealand you may be asked to join in and to participate in this gracious gesture, always mindful of the true meaning that is the Hongi and its meaning.

Tangata Whenua – People of the Land, to you our Visitor

Should you experience the Hongi as a visitor to New Zealand, this is the sign that you are no longer just a visitor, but are Tangata Whenua – meaning you are unified at one with the person performing the hongi on you. 

The rough translation of Hongi is: Sharing Breath and is a significant ritual, which with this comes a sense of newfound responsibility, as Tangata Whenua you are at one with the land, to care and protect the land, to appreciate and enjoy it

Today we say come and enjoy New Zealand, but leave only footprints behind and memories cherished.