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Life before New Zealand Encounters?
My name is Tosca and I used to live in the United Kingdom where as a humble household cat I enjoyed life being looked after, fed well and giving lots of attention that was the life!
Then one day my owner took me off to the Vets where they did all sorts of tests on me, I thought it was the usual once a year check over and thought O well wont be long and I will be back to the comfort of my favorite armchair. Next I was taken by to a strange cat kennels and thought ok my owners are going away on holiday again, how long this time!
The following morning I was picked up by a strange man and taken by van to a noisy and frightening place, it turned out to be London Heathrow Airport and the livestock cargo area. All sorts of other animals were there and worried as I was at what the hell was going to happen to us all. I will never forget what came next and wondered what ever did I do wrong as I was being loaded into the cargo area of an Air New Zealand Boeing 747. The door closed and darkness was all around as the noise of takeoff had us all saying not something we recommend for the humble pussy cat, very frightening indeed, but eventually fell asleep, only to be woken with a loud thud as the aircraft landed and made loud noises till it came to a stop.
The door opened and a lady with a strange voice said howdy puss, I thought ok where the hell am I and it was then we realised we were in Los Angeles and was I really this close to Hollywood! Well we did not stay long and I was given water and checked over by this lady with a strange voice before being put back in my cage area of the Air New Zealand Boeing 747, the door closed again we were in darkness. More noise as we took off, getting to know this feeling now and then it became quieter and I eventual drifted off to sleep.
Don’t know long I slept, but was awoken with another thud as the Boeing 747 landed again, I thought perhaps we are back home, but know we were in another strange place the door opened with howling wind and rain and different voices I can wondered what had I done to be put through this, this man said “bros take the puss to the cargo area” so off I was again, more checks before being handed to a nice man with a smile who took me off to his van, it said Go Kiwi on the side and I thought yum nice looking bird painted on the side. Once inside there were lots of young people all with different sounding names, some speaking to me in a language I could not understand.
We stopped at one back backers after another and one said to the drive what’s the cats name, he said Tosca, great he said “Tosca the Back Packing Cat” , we eventually arrived in Whitianga and to another cattery where Kristen the owners mad a big fuss of me saying daddy will come to collect you soon. Well he did and I now live in beautiful Whitianga where my home looks down over the town and ocean of Mercury Bay
I love living here and am now the official cat of New Zealand Encounters, but still know as AKA Tosca the Back Packing Cat !

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